W-Lan Scale

The Balzer bakery in Marne has been using the “ThorBackPlus” recipe control system for years. This solution has been continuously expanded. Most recently, the wish was expressed to be able to weigh raw materials decentrally from the permanently installed hand scales. The customer advisor, Mr Lenz, then came up with the solution in the form of a mobile W-Lan scale.

Objects that are difficult to transport, such as large kettles and vats, no longer need to be lifted onto the table for weighing. This is ideal for weighing pre-doughs, sourdoughs and soaked goods.

When in use the scale is easy to operate. Once the desired raw materials have been entered, the system automatically switches to the next raw material after each one has been weighed. This process can be controlled directly on the scale or remotely from the main station, so that weighing can be completed quickly and easily.

The mobility of the system offers a further advantage. For example, grains for soaked goods can be weighed directly in the raw material store. This not only saves labour and time, but also space in the dough production area.

  • Easy to integrate into existing ThorBackPlus systems
  • Can also be used for manual intermediate weighing
  • Up to 100 kg maximum load
  • Mobile use thanks to castors, W-Lan and battery operation
  • Weighing surface close to the floor for ergonomical use
  • In-house production in Osterrönfeld

Reference customer Balzer in Marne:
Marne is located in Dithmarschen and is the carnival stronghold of Schleswig-Holstein. Carnival is celebrated here with up to 50 floats and 20,000 guests. Another speciality of Marne is the Olaf Balzer bakery, which impresses people in the region with its high quality standards. All 23 branches practise their high quality craftsmanship. To ensure that the familiar high standard is maintained, the Balzers are constantly on the lookout for technology to guarantee this.

Sven Wegener, Head of Production at Balzer:
Our problem was that weighing the grains for the soaked goods was too cumbersome. In some cases, the raw materials had to be brought to the station or they simply took up too much space in the dough making area. Mr Lenz then found the solution in the form of the mobile W-Lan scale. Now a second person can weigh the grains or other raw materials for preparation in the warehouse and the dough maker then processes them at the main station. We also use the W-Lan scale to weigh the finished spring, scalded and starter doughs and when it is not needed in the bakery, our confectioners also use the scale.

As with the entire recipe control system, the quality is very high and you can tell that the W-Lan scale is an in-house production. Without compromising on quality.

The advice we received in advance and the smooth installation once again convinced us that we had chosen a reliable partner. Even after delivery and commissioning, a contact person is always available to answer our questions quickly and easily.