ThorBackPlus Production

The recipe control system
– leaves nothing to be desired!

  • Conversion and connection of existing silo systems, mixers, water mixers, sourdough and pre-dough systems and more. Everything is possible!
  • High-quality technology (frameless, hygienic touch), swivel arm in stainless steel
  • Bench scale in plug-in industrial quality, sturdy wall mount
  • Mobile WLAN Scale
  • On Screen Calculator
  • Calculation for flake ice (flake, nugget, o crush)
  • RIA list for preliminary weighing
  • Recipe groups
  • Grouping options in the recipe
  • Dough in dough
  • Temperature measurement of all raw materials (silo, sourdough & pre-dough and others)
  • Intelligent working techniques (bag confirmation, negative weighing and others)
  • Processing instructions in text & image
  • Sourdough & pre-dough, soaked goods, cooking and scalding management
  • Self-optimising overrun control
  • Integration of pointer head scales
  • Employee todo list