W&K Newsletter July 2023 – W-Lan-Scale, Fermenter, International use of W&K Products

W-Lan Scale

The Balzer bakery in Marne has been using the “ThorBackPlus” recipe control system for years. This solution has been continuously expanded. Most recently, the wish was expressed to be able to weigh raw materials decentrally from the permanently installed hand scales. The customer advisor, Mr Lenz, then came up with the solution in the form of a mobile W-Lan scale.

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Fermenter: Classic vs. underfloor filling

In modern pre-dough and sourdough production, there are two filling methods for fermenters. The classic method is from above, where flour and water are dosed in parallel. An alternative solution is the more hygienic “underfloor” filling via a batcher. Here, flour and water are dosed continuously, which enables efficient transfer into the fermenter. This method minimises cleaning and increases throughput, but requires more space and investment.

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Making Turkish sourdough breads with the W&K technique

In February 2023, we commissioned our largest industrial pre-dough and sourdough plants to date in a large municipal bakery in Istanbul. The plants consist of a 6-tank plant for the production of wheat pre-dough (poolish) and a 10-tank plant for the production of wheat sourdough.

Both plants are fully automated and dose in parallel via ring piping to three production lines on which Mediterranean wheat breads and rolls are baked. Our customer is proud to be able to produce tasty baked goods with added nutritional value for Istanbul’s population of millions from now on, as noted in an arte-Dokumentation (minute 21:40 to minute 22:10).

We intensively supervised the assembly and commissioning in the completely newly built and ultra-modern bakery, because although sourdough used to be used throughout the Mediterranean region for the production of baked goods, the knowledge of its application has been almost completely lost due to the advent of baker’s yeast – as in other countries. We are pleased to have successfully completed this exceptionally large project.