Control technology

Our preferred control systems come from Siemens and Horner.

Siemens is definitely the industry standard in Germany and can also be used worldwide. We are also the distribution partner for Horner-APG in Germany.

We can advise you on compact “all-in-one” concepts. Our experience also makes it possible to exchange important data beyond the actual machine location.

These can be remote diagnostic tools, interfaces to third-party systems and databases.

The creation of circuit diagrams is carried out with E-CAD. The switch cabinet construction is carried out by us takes place in compliance with the necessary standards (EU / UL / AS / NZ …).

An important aspect for us is guaranteeing the customer a high reliability.
That’s why all of our components meet the industry standard and are also always available as spare parts for the foreseeable future.


We offer control concepts for:

  • Pre-dough, Re-work and Yeast-Plants
  • Liquid and dry substance dosing
  • Silo and recipe controls
  • CIP-Solutions (Cleaning in Place)
  • Modernisation of existing installations
  • Special solutions for mechanical engineering