Pre-dough/sourdough – Fully automated

Produce the best baked goods – with your masterly skills and our technical and technological know-how in plant construction and automation.

We are constantly developing the proven W&K process and machine technology for the production of poolish and sourdough. Technical innovations of the components used and improvements of the processes are constantly applied to optimize the fermentation processes.

Advantages of poolish:

  • Bakery-specific dough handling
  • Yeast propagation (up to 30% saving)
  • Controlled conveyance of lactic acid for improved freshness
  • Characteristics of aroma and taste
  • Flour swelling for malleable dough and better machine movement

Advantages of sourdough:

  • Bakery-specific dough handling
  • Optimizing the baking properties of rye flour
  • Natural leavening & acidifying agent
  • Improved digestibility
  • Characteristics of aroma and taste
  • Increased moisture content
  • Elasticity of the crumb
  • Extended shelf life
  • Improved cutability of baked goods

W&K-Automation GmbH and its competent experts offer industry-specific services for bakeries who want to use proven processes in a modern way.

Our engineers and technicians work continuously on effective and sustainable solutions for the best fermentation systems.

Pre-dough / Sourdough

The relevant process parameters such as temperatures, weights, pressure and pH value are continuously recorded and visualized in order to control the process and document the production data. We offer the possibility to parameterize the entire fermentation process according to customer specifications and to use the recipes of your bakery for the preliminary production, so that your philosophy is maintained for this important component of production.

The use of the latest series of control and operating components, motors, sensors and actuators complements our own developments in system and process engineering. You save energy through high energy efficiency in electrical consumption and the use of highly effective Temp-Plates® for the production of double or triple jackets. The fermenter helps you to make optimum use of the energy used in product manufacture.

Hygienic design and the use of components with special approval for the production of food is an important factor in the design and manufacture processes.

Automated production of pre-doughs and sourdoughs under the supervision of experienced bakers ensures consistent product quality and gives you control over your specific dough handling.

We apply your requirements for hygiene and cleanability in the technical implementation. This ranges from good accessibility to the system components, through manual and automatic flushing functions, to fully automatic pigging systems for pipeline cleaning and CIP systems that are integrated into the system.

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