WAMI – Water measuring & mixing system

Loss-free recipe and process water dosing

WAMI, developed by W&K-Automation GmbH for precise and reproducible recipe and process water dosing, can be used for all production processes from pre-product production to dosing at the dough production point. Using standard industrial components in conjunction with the latest software and PLC controls, the WAMI offers high performance with loss-free dosing.

Inner workings of the Type IV water measuring and mixing sytem

The advantages of WAMI:

  • Loss-free dosing without pre-run
  • Simple operation via touch panel
  • Exact target temperature mixture
  • Output per minute up to > 70 liters (depending on inlet pressure and supply)
  • Maintenance-free fittings
  • Direct operated valves without compressed air
  • Magnetic inductive meter for quantity measurement –> no moving parts – no wear
  • Optional operation with only 2 types of water
  • Standard connections ¾” or 1” for easy installation and connection

What we will need from you:

  • Secure power supply
  • Water supply lines with filter, non-return valve and pressure regulator
    (all types synchronous >1.5bar).
  • Installation

Standard WAMIs custom-made products

We offer two WAMI types with 3 inputs each (ice- tap-hot) and 2 outlets in stainless steel housing:

  • WAMI III – with ¾”- connection (up to 50 l/min)
  • WAMI IV – witg 1”-connection (up to 70 l/min)

The temperature range of our standard WAMIs is designed for a maximum of 70°C. On request we can design WAMIs according to your special requirements and realize dosing capacities up to >100l/min. as well as an increased temperature range. The necessary water supply must be available, constant and reproducible.

Our WAMIs have a wide-range electrical power supply of 100-240 VAC, so that only a standard connection or socket is required at the installation location. All modules are suitable for industrial use and designed for 24-hour shift operation. The valves, measuring instruments and sensors are easily accessible.

Inner workings WAMI (W&K)

The controller (Siemens S7-1200) offers the option of connection to external control or management systems via Profinet, Profibus, Modbus, etc. for controlling dosing and exchanging production data.

COWA – Continuous water dosing.

W&K-Automation GmbH is your contact if you need continuous water dosing at a constant temperature over the entire production period

COWAs are successfully used for dough and pre-dough production as well as in snack production.

Please do not hesitate to contact us: We have or we will find the right solution for your specific requirements!

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