Re-work processing

Re-work, residual bread & residual dough processing

The proven W&K process and plant technology for processing residual bread and dough with the addition of water has been successfully used for years by artisanal bakeries and in industrial bakery production. Continuous further development through the use of technical innovations and improvements of the processes are applied to optimize the processing.

Advantages of Re-work as a recipe component:

  • More intensive flavour due to the caramelised roasting agents contained in the product
  • Sustainable resource utilisation
  • Better freshness due to optimised water absorption, especially when using micronisation
  • Malleable doughs for better machine movement
  • Economic advantages due to savings on swelling flour/baking agent as well as increased use of water and lower flour consumption

Better taste & sustainable use of food resources through the use of modern process technology and automation.

Thanks to its modular appliance structure, W&K Automation GmbH offers its customers both solutions for single-shift operation with classic manual filling and fully automatic system solutions.

We plan the machinery and process individually based on your requirements and the raw materials used. Starting with feeding of raw materials into a bunker with integrated breaker or small shredder in product transport, through the recipe-controlled filling and mixing process with adjustable mixing unit, to inline homogenization via the Microcut.

After the manufacturing process, the product is stored and dosed in the appropriate containers and product lines, which are specifically designed for the „Re-work“ product.

Our control concept covers the complete process from the raw material feed and temperature-controlled water-metering to the metering system at the extraction point of your dough factory. This gives you traceability of the raw materials and our modern technology supports your consistent quality in production.

Calculation example with and without residual bread:

Recipe without Re-work
100 kg flour
60 l water

Recipe with 5% Re-work
95 kg flour
15 kg Re-Work (mash)
(1 t bread: 2 t water)
ca. 55 l water
160 kg dough
from 100 kg flour
165 kg dough
from 95 kg flour

Download our Re-Work processing flyer here

Re-Work processing flyer Download