W&K-Automation GmbH

We are one of the world‘s leading suppliers of Sourdough, Poolish and Re-work systems and liquid handling. In addition, we offer our customers solutions in process technology and automation. With our systems we can cover all relevant steps of dough production: Starting with silo technology, through pre-dough production and recipe control to kneading technology.

Our capabilities include:

Our customers

Our customers are artisan manufacturers, medium-sized bakeries and industrial companies.
Thanks to our expertise in the fields of liquids and automation technology, we also take on projects in other food sectors, such as chocolate factories or breweries.

What distinguishes us is that we usually enter into longterm partnerships with our customers and are repeatedly given the opportunity to support the conception and realisation of new projects with W&K solutions.

Our network – Your advantage

We work with permanent specialized partners from the tank and silo construction and plant engineering sectors. This guarantees high quality in planning and execution. These resources make large projects at home and abroad feasible for us. Our customers know this structure and appreciate the advantages.