W&K Newsletter July 2022 – XL Prime, Petit Levain, OCS I/O

The new XL-Prime series – Available now

Our new XL Prime series builds on the proven reputation of our XL series, offering new and existing users both performance improvements and a highly secure, modern memory architecture.

This is achieved through a new “System on Module (SOM)” developed by Horner, which includes a faster CPU, onboard mass memory and 100% non-volatile memory. Only a small button cell is used as a battery, which only has the task of keeping the clock running.

The equipment includes: 

  • All-in-one control
  • Modern storage architecture
  • Powerful logic engine
  • Online programming
  • High resolution colour touch screen
  • Advanced Fast Counter
  • Industrial Ethernet and remote control
  • Plug-and-play data logging

Timetable for product release:

XL4 Prime, XL6 Prime and XLW Prime – Available as of June 2022
XL7 Prime, XL10 Prime – Available from September 2022
XL15 Prime – Available early 2023

Petit Levain

In the course of a larger delivery to a large Asian bakery, we started the modernisation of the smallPetit Levain fermenters.

From now on, the compact Horner control X7-A with touch display is used. In the new design, recipes can be edited even more easily and the fermentation process can be followed more easily.

In addition to the standard cooling, the machine can now be optionally equipped with a heater for improved temperature control.

Furthermore, the following clear advantages result from the exchange:

  • Stirring intensity infinitely adjustable via the new frequency converter incl. clockwise/anticlockwise rotation
  • Temperature curves that can be followed in the trending (important for fermentation)
  • Optional expansion of scale transducer for dosing and filling can be easily implemented (Modbus/Analogue)
  • Integration of a water mixing system possible using the HSC and analogue inputs
  • Time-controlled start-up expandable
  • Voice switches
  • Later update options via the SD cards
  • Better alarm overviews and error descriptions

OCS I/O: High expandability and flexible remote access – I/O for OCS

Horner Automation’s new OCS-I/O offers a lot of power, expandability and flexibility in a small format, making it the perfect complementary CsCAN solution for OCS platforms.

  • Interchangeable on site
  • Fieldbus network
  • Expandable to 7 modules per base and 16 modules per network
  • Compact footprint

OCS I/O is expected to be available from summer 2022.