W&K Newsletter December 2021 – Silo and recipe control and WAMI

Retrofit: Silo und recipe control

Heavy sacks no longer have to be lugged around these days… unless the technology goes on strike!

Fortunately, technical malfunctions are rare, but if the silo or recipe control system is affected, things can quickly get hectic. Therefore, check your systems regularly and, if necessary, extend their service life by modernising them (retrofit). As a long-standing service provider in the bakery industry, we will be happy to work with you to modernise the control technology of your systems. With our own software for dosing and recipe controls, you also receive a high-quality instrument for reliably managing your processes and documenting process data. Whether you are a craftsman’s business or an industrial size, please feel free to contact us or simply take a look at the overview on our Homepage

Water dosing: With the WAMI it works loss-free!

With the WAMI, we offer a water measuring and mixing device for the precise dosing of water – without flow! Temperature and water quantity are selected via touch panel and then metered loss-free via two standard tapping points.

To achieve the target temperature, up to three types of water are mixed intelligently and the flow rate is monitored by a magnetic inductive counter. All components comply with industrial standards and are designed for 24-hour shift operation. In the stainless steel housing, all components are protected from external influences and are freely accessible for maintenance work.

At the installation site, only a simple Schuko socket is required thanks to the wide-range 100-240 VAC connection. Connection to a higher-level control system is possible via Profinet, Profibus, Modbus, and many more. Further details can be found on our Homepage