W&K Newsletter September 2021 – EXLW Control, Horner Webshop, Cscape SP5

The EXLW 7″ controller has been designed to incorporate the intuitive features and innovative functions of the earlier models in our XL range of OCS controllers. So if you’re looking for something more powerful than our Micro OCS range, the EXLW 7″ is for you.

• Our affordable 7″ colour touch screen
• Offers two CAN and two Ethernet interfaces
• Increased choice of I/O options
• Fold-out digital function keys to save screen space
And much more!

The Horner Webshop

In the Webshop you will find our range of Horner programmable controllers and displays (HMI), including the new EXLW 7″ All-in-One controller, product data and further information.

In view of the global semiconductor shortage and the resulting challenges in the procurement of component parts, there will be a forced adjustment of the prices of our Horner products as of 1.10.2021.

If you have any comments or questions, please contact us at: info@wuk-automation.de

Horner Cscape SP5 now available

The free PLC software Cscape combines graphical ladder diagram programming (based on IEC-1131) with the development of operator interfaces for complete integration of the control package. Cscape is always being further developed and improved, using this link you can download the new and current SP5 version!

The features included in Cscape SP5 include:

• Integrated IEC programming languages
• I/O-configuration
• Modem and network functionality
• Relay ladder logic
• Autotuning functions for PID control
• Movement commands
And much more!

Upcoming Webinar Dates

Visit the Horner-Website for an overview of all our past and upcoming webinars!
Alternatively, they can access all past webinars in full directly on the Horner-Youtubekanal.

BACnet IP Communication – 30 September 2021 10:30 a.m.

We will introduce the BACnet protocol – the widely used building automation control network.
BACnet has both Token Passing (BACnet MS/TP) and Ethernet (BACnet IP) variants – and we will present how OCS All-in-One controllers can connect to both networks.

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Ethernet IP Communication – 7 October 2021, 10:30 a.m.

We will discuss the use of the Ethernet IP protocol – and the various ways in which Horner OCS All-in-One controllers can be connected to this network. We will also explore how the OCS Global Tag controller can exchange data with Logix processors from Rockwell.

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Participation is always free of charge and all missed webinars can be conveniently viewed online as a recording. If you have any questions, please contact us by email at technical.support@horner-apg.com.